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Do not forget, it is actually that this operation is sõiduauto remont just about the safety of your movement on the car. An authoritative person of a tire fitting company must possess a set of a kind of knowledge in order to be able to serve the client perfectly and give him the necessary advice.

We recommend special lessons for proper tire fitting. We hope that it will be true that they will be suitable not only for those who want to master the profession, but also for higher quality ones. Yes, and the usual owner of the car will not hurt to know some things, in order to leave the tire fitting station absolutely sure exactly that the whole significant range of matters on servicing your car is executed at the proper level and you can safely go to the roadway.

Parking space
For proper parking, a special marking is of principle. In the case in the case when it comes to replacing 4 wheels, the car is placed on the platform. The task of the master is to help the driver correctly put the car. An authoritative person still has to be sure, it’s exactly that the car costs evenly, is securely fixed. That is, whether it is put on a handbrake, whether a «shoe» is put under the wheel.

Possible mistakes
At most stations, the «shoe» is not set. Consider this a time-consuming waste.

Jacking up a car
The jack must be installed in a certain place and be sure of the provided. Than any other use when provided with rubber gaskets, so as not to damage the car body.

Possible mistakes
The jack is incorrectly installed. The authoritative person was not convinced in the given. To qualitatively remove the wheel at the station there must be some number of several types of jacks. Favorable option — hydraulic and air. They differ in their load-carrying capacity and clearance. To service the «low» machines you need a hydraulic jack. Still it is used in case of departure to the client.

Unscrewing the nuts
An authoritative person must disrupt the nuts. In the event that the station does not have a wrench, but uses a regular key, then the nuts are pulled off on the lowered vehicle. An authoritative person must necessarily know which holes in the disk to take a significant tool — either a cross-shaped key, or a thin-walled head, or the head in plastic. We must also find out the availability of the «secrets». In case there is one, take it from the client. A set of heads should be available at the station.